System on Module (SoM) from port makes IoT and real time communication very easy

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Get more functionality at lower costs

The SoM (System on Module) offeres a lot of functionalities in combination with real time communication possibilities.

Depending on the hardware, various fieldbus protocols are available "on board". PROFINET CC-B, EtherNetIP (CIP) and EtherCAT. The SoM modules from PORT, significantly reduce your development time and your investments in license fees. 

PORT supports you in the Design-In phase and can obtain the approvals and certifications for you as an extra service.

Your advantages with System on Module from port

Our System on Modules in different Variations

SoM IoT Based on RENESAS RIN32M3

Based on a RIN32M3EC CPU in combination with GOAL technology from PORT, this SoM offers PROFINET CC-B, EtherNet/IP CIP and EtherCAT on board. Simply connect via the SPI of your host controller - and your applications are already multi-protocol capable.

SoM IoT Raspberry PI

Integrating Raspberry PI into networks such as PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT - no problem with the Raspberry PI expansion board from port.


Integration Service
Design in Support
SPI driver customizations on the host side
PRE-Certification in our own Lab
Certification Service
Test it with our Evaluation Boards

Test the System on Module from port with our Evaluation Boards

ARDUINO / PMOD Board from PORT GmbH offers to you the extensions of your development environment via standardized interfaces like ARDUINO and PMOD. Based on the GOAL technology (middleware) you get the possibility to test different communication approaches.

The ARDUINO / PMOD boards show the CtC (Core to Core) communication via SPI between the host CPU (for example STM32Fx or RENESAS Synergy S7) and the communication module SoM.

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