SoM - Industrial Communication Creator the Unified Design Tool Platform from port
speed up your development times - safe time and money

For comfortable and easy configuration and object dictionary management, port provides its Unified industrial communication creator Platform which enables the user to develop communication solutions using port PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT, CANopen and CC-Link IE TSN** stacks rapidly.

The individual functionality for each stack is realized by plug-ins for each protocol. So the user has only to learn how to work with one tool.

The industrial communication creator is optimized for use together with port´s SoM products.

Get the Test Version of the Software at the End of the Page or start an enquiry for the full version.

  • First product of the new DesignTool family à "One" tool for all stacks
  • Easy creation of new PROFINET / EtherNetIP / EtherCAT devices: 
    • Stack configuration
    • GSD file creation / EDS file creation
    • Keeps all in sync 
  • Allows configuration of all relevant aspects of the port PROFINET / EtherNetIP / EtherCATstack 
    • Resource Management
    • Device Descriptions
    • Modules/Slots/Parameters
    • Parameters/Assemblies/Connections
  • Driver Settings 
  • Assign modules and slots graphically
  • Extended User guidance: Follow the tasks instructions to complete your project       

The PROFINET / EtherNetIP / EtherCAT Design Tool runs on PC’s with

  • Operating System: Windows™ and LINUX (32 and 64 bit)
  • requires Java Runtime 6 or higher

Ordering Information
Windows: 0212/10

Manual - Download here

Examples für PROFINET

Examples for EtherNetIP

Test the SoM from port with our Evaluation Boards

You want to know, if the SoM from port ist the right module for you? With our Evaluation Kits for ARDUINO/PMOD-Boards, Raspberry PI, STM32F and RENESAS Synergy S7 you can test the SoM for your usage.

Try it out – you will be amazed by the funcionality!

Downloads for System on Module Industrial Communication Creator

Manual "Industrial Communication Creator" Engineering Tool



Manual (en) PROFINET / EthernetIP / EtherCAT

Linux & Windows



Software "Industrial Communication Creator" Engineering Tool



Industrial Communication Creator Engineering Tool Software




Industrial Communication Creator Engineering Tool Software



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