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We are not the only one, who think the System on Module is a great product. You can read here an List of publications from Microelectronics Magazines, that are also think, that you schould try aut the SoM from port.

"Thank you for your information – now i know a little more about the meaning of SoM. It´s one kind of complement to our stack product line for the customer who have not enough budget or don´t want to invest a lot at the beginning, or some small volume project. SoM can be a easy start and cost-effective solution. Anyone use SoM also have option to use source code solution, if they want to control more by themselves. In addition, its reasonable to give up IRT class because IRT ASIC with stack inside already cover the market and you found RT stack is a better chance."

An content Coustomer from Guangzhou

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