RENESAS Synergy S7 EVAL Kit IoT applications meet real time communication

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Renesas Synergy S7 - IoT applications meet real time communication technology from port

ARROW's ARIS board and PORT's ARDUINO EVAL platform provide development engineers with a comprehensive platform for testing IoT applications and integrating real-time communications such as PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT.

All 3 communication technologies like PROFINET (CCB-RT1), EtherNetIP and EtherCAT protocols are available on the ARDUINO board.

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  • no license costs
  • updates and upgrades for free
  • cost-effective solution for small and medium quantities
  • simple design in
  • low investment

All 3 communication technologies like PROFINET (CCB-RT1), EtherNetIP and EtherCAT protocols are available on the ARDUINO board.

The Core to Core (c2c) communication is connected to the Host CPU (RENESAS Synergy S7) via the SPI. Corresponding examples are available.

At the heart of the ARDUINO board is the SoM IoT module from PORT.

In addition to the multi-protocol solution, extensive management tools are also supplied. The combination of a RENESAS Synergy S7 CPU with the SoM IoT module is a very cost-effective variant of applications for PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT to set.

The kit can be ordered directly from port: price 445,00 € (net):

Delivery: (KIT)

  • ARIS IoT Board (ARROW)
  • ARDUINO Board
  • SOM IoT Board
  • SPI driver
  • Examples
  • Management Tool
  • Design Tools (trial version)
  • the KIT is ready for use

powered by GOAL technology - the middleware for real time communication solution

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  • ARIS IoT Board product overview

    The ARIS card is a ready-to-go IoT hardware and software platform that lets you get your IoT applications up and running quickly using the Renesas Synergy development framework.

    It promotes innovation and product differentiation while enabling developers to reduce time-to-market and reduce the total cost of ownership of a product over its lifetime.

    The ARIS IoT Board is based on the Renesas Synergy S7 MCU with 240 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 core, which has many features for IoT operation. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1 / 4.2), Wi-Fi b / g / n support, and Ethernet 10/100 connectivity, the ARIS IoT Board can communicate with other devices and the cloud. An NFC tag feature, as well as a crypto boot loader and support for OTA firmware updates (over-the-air) are also included. The board sensing features include motion detection (with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 2-axis gyroscope), sampling of ambient temperature and humidity. Power: The card is powered by USB. On request, however, you can use the CUI SWI5-5-E-P5 power supply!

    The Kit contains:

    • ARIS Board
    • USB Type A Male to Mini B Male Cable

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  • The high-performance 240 MHz S7 Series MCUs feature secure connectivity and
    industry-leading flash memory density.

    • Features
    • Cortex-M4, 240MHz, 2.7V to 3.6V, 75μA/MHz
    • 40nm high-performance process
    • USBHS, IEEE 1588 PTP Ethernet MAC, QSPI External Memory Bus
    • 4MB and 3MB Flash, 640KB SRAM, Memory Mirror Function, Memory Protection Unit
    • Industry-leading, NIST-compliant security features: hardware acceleration for cryptography and HASH algorithms, true random number generator, secure key generation and storage, 128-bit unique ID, and more
    • JPEG Codec, 2D Drawing Engine, WVGA (800x480) with 32-bit Color
    • Features to address functional safety requirements 
    • 12-bit A/D, Programmable Gain Amplifier 
    • 40-nm high-performance process
    • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
    • GPIO pins: up to 172
    • Package LQFP: 100, 144, 176
    • Package BGA: 176, 224
    • Package LGA: 145

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  • Learn more about the SoM IoT Board on the product information site of the System on Module.

  • You can order the RENESAS Synergy S7 CPU through our order page.

    Art.No.: 2070/86

    MQQ: 1 pcs

Documentation & Downloads for RENESAS Synergy S7 EVAL Kit

SoM IoT / RENESAS Synergy S7 EVAL Kit


EVAL KIT ARIS Synergy S7 / IoT Quick Start Guide


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