Renesas RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board EVAL Kit real time communication module

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Renesas RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board (µGOAL) EVAL Kit

The Renesas RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board  and PORT´s ARDUINO EVAL platform provide development engineers with a comprehensive platform for testing IoT applications and integrating real-time communications such as PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT. It is capable as an application controller for the iRJ45/SoM module.

All 3 communication technologies like PROFINET (CCB-RT1), EtherNetIP and EtherCAT protocols are available on the ARDUINO board.

Your benefits with the System on Module from port

  • Test your SoM at low costs
  • PROFINET CCB RT1 on board
  • EtherNetIP on board
  • EtherCAT on board
  • SPI driver available
  • extensive tool chain available
  • Design Tool for PROFINET / EtherNetIP available (optional)
  • no license costs
  • updates and upgrades for free
  • cost-effective solution for small and medium quantities
  • simple design in
  • low investment


All 3 communication technologies like PROFINET (CCB-RT1), EtherNetIP and EtherCAT protocols are available on the ARDUINO board.

The Core to Core (c2c) communication is connected to the Host CPU (RENESAS RL78) via the SPI. Corresponding examples are available.

At the heart of the ARDUINO board is the SoM IoT module from PORT.

In addition to the multi-protocol solution, extensive management tools are also supplied. The combination of a RENESAS RL78 Series with the SoM IoT module is a very cost-effective variant of applications for PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT to set.

Delivery: (KIT)

  • RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board (RTK5RLG140C00000BJ)
  • SOM IoT Board
  • SOM Arduino Adapter Board
  • SPI driver
  • Examples
  • Management Tool
  • Design Tools (trial version)

the KIT is ready for use

powered by GOAL technology - the middleware for real time communication solution

  • The RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board comes equipped with a high-performance RL78/G14 microcontroller and is an evaluation board specialized for prototype development for a variety of applications. It has a built-in emulator circuit that is equivalent to an E2 emulator Lite so you can write/debug programs without additional tools. In addition, with Arduino Uno and PmodTM interfaces included standard and through-hole access to all pins of the microcontroller, and so on, it has high expandability.

    Sample software is available for connecting between the RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board and various wireless modules or various sensor modules (HS3001 humidity and temperature, ZMOD4410 air-quality, etc.).Please use Bluetooth®, LoRa® and Wi-Fi according to the radio regulations of each country during use.

    Source from RENESAS

  • RL78 8/16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) greatly improve power efficiency with industry-leading low power consumption at 45.5μA/MHz consumption during normal operation and 0.57μA/MHz during clock operation. Built-in features such as a high-precision (±1%) high-speed on-chip oscillator, background operation data flash capable of 1 million rewrites, temperature sensor, and interface ports for multiple power supplies help reduce system costs and size.

    Source from RENESAS

  • You can find more information about SoM (System on Module / Stack on Module) - here.

  • You can order the RENESAS RL78/G14 / SoM kit through our order page.

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Documentation & Downloads for ARDUINO PMOD EVAL KIT

SoM RL78/G14


EVAL KIT RENESAS RL78/G14 - IoT Quick Start Guide


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